Enjoying is important(特別英語編)



Everyone, this is the Tohan Denshi blog update for this month.

Is there anything new?


That’s right!

Tohan Denshi Home Page has been renewed! What do you think about that?

In the update version, you can also see it from your smartphone.


Ladies and gentlemen! Now you can check Tohan Denshi blog anywhere and anytime.


Also, we are pleased to introduce our efforts this month.

Although I talked on the blog in July, we welcomed a foreign intern student. At that time, it was short with only 10 days but it was a very valuable experience.


From that experience, we are currently taking a Vietnamese Intern for 2 months from October to December. He has joined the Engineering Department

At first, I felt as a big wall to welcome him.

It was “the Wall of Words”.


He cannot speak Japanese and we cannot speak English as well.

I was worried about How can we communicate!


Is this “things to do” difficult?! As you think.

Even when studying from a technical member


Even when he talks to other members

He and everyone really look happy.

Let’s have fun with each other without fear!

We keep changing every day to learn!


Furthermore, it seems that he and everyone can communicate with fun.

As well, Events are being held in the company!


From September to November, by saying “Autumn of exercise”, we hold an event called “Walking Tournament” as health promotion months.


The event is to honor people who recorded the greatest number of steps in a month.


During walking tournament, not only about pedometer results but also the employees and the Vietnamese Intern is able to share the Autumn picture found by him which lead to further communication and cooperation with everyone! Let’s take a look at some of such beautiful photos!


This picture is taken by a manufacturing person.


Title “Kyoto with one person”.



This photo is taken by me.

Title: Motion of Autumn.



This photo is taken by the Vietnamese intern.

Title: The first tea ceremony in Kyoto.



And, this photo taken by the president of our company who agreed with such communication.

Title: Autumn of Ebisu


With president who will support us all employees who cooperate this way,

I hope to enjoy the remaining time with the intern.


By the way …

Let me announce the result of the “Walking Tournament”.

Winner of September: 27,824

Winner of October: 26,021

Winner of November: the result has not been announced yet! Championship in a hand of anyone?